Teletherapy Sessions

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Teletherapy (virtual therapy) allows us to provide virtual therapeutic services using an online platform or computer program (like FaceTime or Skype with enhanced privacy standards). Teletherapy is a way to provide speech and language therapy to clients who are not able to be seen in person. It is essential with teletherapy that there is always another adult or caregiver present in each session to help facilitate the therapy provided.

It is important to note that ABG’s use of teletherapy is not a means to replace in-person services. It will be up to ABG’s discretion as to whether a teletherapy session would be appropriate for individual clients.
Therapists will provide teletherapy from the ABG office during business hours. Scheduling for teletherapy sessions will be the same process as scheduling an in-person make-up session.
  • Used for “makeup” sessions due to both:
    • Clients unable to make a regularly scheduled appointment
    • Unable to schedule an in-person makeup session
  • Provides at least 15 minutes of direct contact time
  • Option for additional parent education/consultation to problem solve areas of concern for carryover skills
  • Offered to keep consistency and continued contact with therapy each week for progress in therapy
  • May be provided by another therapist within ABG
  • Clients too contagious for in-person sessions
  • Clients who have siblings who are sick and parents are unable to bring the client
  • Weather conditions preventing the client from leaving home safely
  • Clients on a consulting basis with ABG
  • Make-up sessions over holiday breaks
  • Transportation issues
Interested in scheduling a teletherapy session?
Learn more about the logistical details.