Speech Therapy

Talking is one of the most difficult things that we do. Language and speech progressively build on our ability to listen and pay attention. As children, we practice and strengthen these skills through play. Nonverbal language such as hand gestures and facial expressions provides a means for expressing basic thoughts and needs until finally, we are able to communicate through speech. When this process is more challenging to master, it can take a lot of time and patience.

As speech-language pathologists, we work with our clients to identify deficits in speech, as well as receptive and expressive language. Once deficit areas have been identified, we develop a treatment plan with specific objectives designed to help the client achieve optimal communication skills.

Many conditions may cause difficulty with speech and language development and because the same body parts are involved, speech therapy also addresses disorders involving the voice, eating, swallowing, and chronic cough. Our experienced Speech Language Pathologists provide treatment for children and adults in the following areas:
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TALKING! What’s it all about?

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