Mission Statement

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ABG is committed to providing expert and caring therapy to all of our clients. Our therapists work together to create a holistic therapy program that considers our clients as individuals as well as part of their families and communities. We pride ourselves on including parents and caregivers as vital parts of our team. We keep an eye on long-term objectives while working together to be successful in achieving more immediate goals. We always remember that our clients do their best when they feel good about themselves, and we foster healthy self-esteem by providing challenges that are within reach, bolstered by the emotional support required for meeting them.

We work effectively in the community by providing consistent communication and education to physicians and referral sources. We provide social and educational opportunities for our clients and their families as well as other interested members of the community.  We maintain a network of trusted resources for referring our clients to when they need help that is beyond our scope of expertise.

Our therapists both contribute to and appreciate the work environment that ABG offers them. While ABG strives to offer competitive salaries and benefits, its most valuable benefit is the flexibility it offers its employees in being able to shape a work experience that supports their individual professional goals and personal lives.  ABG provides a work opportunity that is fulfilling, rewarding, and fun.

As an owner and employee, I find that ABG keeps me fulfilled and challenged by allowing me to make a difference in the lives of my employees, our clients, and our community, while adequately supporting my personal life in terms of income and time.

Mary Nel - Owner and Managing Director